It's a Claire King and Kendra King episode.

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Part 1Edit

Flashback: Claire King and Kendra King

Claire King and Kendra King were at the plane to Sydney. I have some busy jobs to do said Ursula King. I’m in love with Gregory Rumble, I met him before I was going to Japan again said Ursula.

I hope that you to will find your love said Ursula. That’s alright said Claire. Ursula was walking at the airport. I will see you soon said Ursula. Claire and Kendra were at the Library at The Sydney Airport.

Well-Sealed Foundation, this is the place where our house is said Kendra. Kendra and Claire were at the bus and a few minutes later were they at the Well-Sealed Foundation.

Do you want to take a shower with me? asked Kendra. Yes, that’s alright said Claire. Claire and Kendra were together in the shower. Never done this before said Kendra. No, me to said Claire. Kendra and Claire were very close to each other.

Claire was beginning to kiss Kendra. Stop! said Kendra. We’re sisters to wife’s from each other said Kendra. But said Kendra and the 2 start again. The next moment were the 2 kissing each other in bed.

A few years later

And then you’re now wife and wife said the man from the church. Claire and Kendra were on honeymoon. I never thought that we felt in love with each other said Claire. Claire start to kiss Kendra again. It’s good that we take another Identity Card said Claire.

Part 2 Edit

Claire and Kendra were at there honeymoon. I love you more then anyone said Kendra. You’re the love of my life said Claire. Claire and Kendra were at the hotel, where they immediality kissing each other.

Claire and Kendra woke up together. I’m married with my sister whispered Claire in Kendra’s ear. Claire kissed Kendra on her cheek. Kendra looked at Claire. You’re my older sister, but I can’t live without you said Kendra.

I don’t want any child said Claire. Me either said Kendra. Love is very important said Kendra. And when you are in love you let people know that. If Ursula discovers our relation, she will hate us said Kendra.

That’s right said Claire and the 2 were still kissing.

Claire came out the bed and found a newspaper. Loving sisters are married, still unknown why 2 love each other. Somebody knocked on the door. I’m captain Chris Bright and you girls have something explain to me. Kendra taked her gun and shot at Chris who felt on the ground.

Come on said Claire. Kendra and Claire were runnin at the airport and jumped into a plane: Oceanic Flight 815.