Ursula King is the daughter of Philip King and Cynthia King and is the wife of Gregory Rumble and the mother of Patrick Rumble. She has a son-in-law, Simon Glass and has a granddaughter, Nancy Glass. She has a great grandson, Eric Glass. She has a daughter-in-law, Francisca Rumble and a grandson, Bob Crash. She has a great granddaughter, Mandy Crash.


Family HistoryEdit

Normal LifeEdit

Parent's deathEdit

Leaving JapanEdit

Living in SydneyEdit

Meeting Gregory RumbleEdit

Marrying Gregory RumbleEdit

Getting A ChildEdit

Going Back To JapanEdit

Back To SydneyEdit




Philip KingEdit

Cynthia KingEdit


Claire KingEdit

Kendra KingEdit

Husband(s) and childrenEdit

Gregory RumbleEdit

Diana RumbleEdit

Patrick RumbleEdit

Family In-LawsEdit

Matthew RumbleEdit

Monica NightonEdit

Francisca RumbleEdit

Simon GlassEdit

The In-LawsEdit

Henry RumbleEdit

Ilona VishEdit

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

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