• Part 1

Patrick Rumble, Francisca Rumble, Jennifer LaPorta and Bob Crash were waking up. What happened? asked Bob. That man said Bob. Yes, he did somehow expected us said Jennifer.

It's strange to say in this situation, but we're 40 years married said Patrick. We have a party said Francisca. All the friends of Patrick Rumble and Francisca Rumble were coming.

Bob looked at Jennifer. Welcome to Patrick Rumble and Francisca Rumble's party said Bob.

At the same time was Cooper Smith on The Island. Hey Charlie, what's going on said Kate. The raft, it's on fire, look said Charlie. Cooper was runnin to the buring raft. No no no said Michael.

Cooper looked at the raft. Sayid, could I talk you for a minute? asked Cooper. Yes, you can. What's the matter? asked Sayid. Do you love Shannon? asked Cooper.

Yes, I do and I hope you understand that hse's a nice young girl said Sayid. The Island won't let you being together said Cooper. Island Rules said Cooper.

So here we are said Bob. You can't make 2 people stop loving each other said Bob. If they really love each other ,then you need to except that said Jennifer. Patrick and Francisca need each other said Jennifer.That my parents are family, is the ridiculous thing I have ever heard said Bob. Yes, love is in the air said Jennifer.

  • Part 2

Michael was beating Jin. Stop! Leave him alone! said Sun. Do you speak English? asked Charlie. Didn't saw that one coming said Hurley. He didn't do anything said Sun. Do I have to beleive that? asked Michael. Yes, he ddin't do anything said Sun. Why would I beleive him? asked Michael.

Because he didn't do anything said Locke. He didn't do that. There are other people on this Island. The sabotaged us, they've attacked us, murdered us. We are not the only people on this Island and we all know it said Locke.

Cooper looked at the group who was going away. Cooper waled to Walt. Walt, say to mr. Locke that he don't has to opened it said Cooper.

Francisca was drinking a whole bottle Wodka. Patrick was sleeping. Jennifer and Bob were for the firts time quiete. I have never thought that Francisca was a drinker said Jennifer. They have a good day said Bob. We have nothing to do said Bob.

Francisca walked to Patrick with a knife. What is she doing? asked Bob. Oh my God, she's going to kill Patrick said Jennifer. Jennifer jumped on Francisca and was fighting with her. Jennifer was beating Francisca on the ground. Francisca felt on the ground.

This is the craziest day in my whole life said Bob. Where are Eric Glass, Astrid Cormett and Elisabeth Smatthouse? asked Jennifer. He could not all take us with him said Jennifer.