39th episode.


Part 1Edit

Jennifer looked at Anna. I’m happy that we’re together said Jennifer. I’m happy to said Anna. Somebody knocked on the door. Jennifer made the door open. Astrid Cormett, what are you doing here? asked Jennifer.

Astrid was inside. Elisabeth, she let me behind. She has now a relation with Lea Broosh. What, thit she leave without a reason? asked Jennifer. Anna looked at Astrid. Hello I’m Anna Colleen. I’m Astrid Cormett.

It’s nice to meet you said Astrid. I have papers, divorce papers, from us both said Astrid. We’ve got or old surnames back said Astrid. Jennifer looked at Astrid. I miss Elisabeth Smatthouse. She was so friendly and now she’s leaving me said Astrid.

People change said Jennifer. Could I sleep in your house? asked Astrid. Ok, it’s alright said Jennifer. Jennifer was taking Anna upstairs. It’s alright, isn’t it? asked Jennifer. Yes, it’s alright, but I will sleeping on the couch said Anna. Why did Elisabeth leave her? asked Anna. I have to ask that to her said Jennifer.

Jennifer saw Astrid in The Sauna. She’s in the Sauna said Jennifer. But out nothing came the man in a black suit with a masker. Hello guys said the man. You’re doing nothing.

If you’re going to listen to me you will survive it said the man. Otherwise I kill the person who’s in The Sauna. It’s time to meet your past said the man.

Part 2Edit

The man stand by the door. I think she doesn’t know that I could killing her said the man. Go to the locked room behind the portrait and give me all the money here. Jennifer walked to the secret room behind the portrait with Anna.

What now? He’s going to kill her said Anna. I think not said Jennifer. Jennifer gave him the money. I’m going to shoot said the man. No screamed Anna. The man shot at The Sauna and the whole sauna explode.

Thank you said the man. Astrid screamed Jennifer. Anna looked behind her. I need a new job, so I have improvised said Jennifer. Anna looked at the door. There is no one said Anna.

Astrid came out the bushes. I was all the time outside. We’ve made a doll who looked at me, but Jennifer already planned that.

Later were Jennifer and Astrid in bed. Astrid was going to kiss Jennifer. I love you said Astrid. Astrid maked Jennifer undressed. Nobody has ever made me undressed said Jennifer. Astrid and Jennifer were kissing each other in bed.

I love you to said Jennifer.