Bob Crash and Eric Glass episode.


Part 1Edit

Bob looked at Patrick. Where is Jennifer? asked Bob. I don’t know son, she’s already long time gone said Patrick. I think Eric kidnapped her, he always loved her said Bob. Bob was runnin.

No screamed Patrick. Patrick called Patricia McTonson. Eric was at his home. Bob was inside. Where is Jennifer? asked Bob. I don’t know Bob said Eric. Oh sure you don’t know, you know no nothing said Bob.

Eric attacked Bob and smashed him on the table. You’re my enemy said Bob. And you’re mine said Eric. Eric was taking his gun. You’re going to die said Eric. Bob was gone. Where are you Bob? asked Eric. Bob put his gun to Eric.

To late said Bob. Eric let his gun falling on the ground. Patricia and Patrick were at Eric Glass’s home. Don’t do that said Patrick. And why not? He’s a criminal said Bob. He killed several people said Bob.

They were in our way Bob, you don’t think that I’ve kidnapped her, you want to be a hero said Eric. And why are you thinking that? asked Bob. If you kill me, then you’ve killed the man who saved your life and how we ended up here said Eric.

Part 2Edit

Please don’t do that said Patrick. What, do I change something with this? asked Bob. You can’t change the future said Patrick. He did wants to kill me first said Bob. I don’t believe you said Patricia. Bob let the gun falling. You’re arrested for trying to kill someone said Patricia. Later was Bob at the police office. I’m David Mendrid. Why was you trying to kill Eric Glass? asked David. He was trying to kill me said Bob.

We’ve heard from Eric that he was trying to kill you said David. You’re a free man, so is he said David. He got a warning and you to said David.

Bob was going to his home. Jennifer, Jennifer cried Bob. Eric knocked on the door. Bob made the door open. Hello Eric come in said Bob. I have some bad news for you said Eric. Jennifer is alright said Eric.

That’s good news said Bob. The bad news is that Mandy Crash is back. I have adopted her said Eric. What? asked Bob. Yes, she’s now my child said Eric. There is no way back for her said Eric.

Eric was beating Bob on the ground. You filthy little Special-Blood said Eric. Bob was bleeding and Eric was runnin out his home, let Bob dying at his home.

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