Barrow was brought to an unknown place. Cool we have taken over the place said Charlotte. Our fathers have waited generations long for this, so we have did it finally said Chelsea. Liberty and Barbara looked at the storage.

We could live forever said Charlotte. There’s a way stop things and there’s a way to make things right said Charlotte. Yes, Charlotte and we make people immortal said Barbara.

I have it the book of The Island: Secrets Of Living Mind. Book written by Jack Shephard. This is from the future said Barbara. The doctor? asked Chelsea. Yes, the doctor said Charlotte.

Liberty was making camp next to the place. The Barrow, will having a new name:The Barrow. Charlotte looked bad. What if he dies? asked Charlotte.

You could better ask, what happens if we used the wrong curse said Liberty. Tomorrow we will focus us on How we’re going to separate the bloods said Barbara. It’s a hard time said Charlotte.

If we’re going to do that tomorrow, we’re save said Barbara. Are we free here? asked Charlotte. Yes, we’re save here said Liberty. Just as save as everybody else from the team said Liberty. This is the beginning of our plan said Liberty.


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