Barrow looked at Liberty and Barbara in the storage. If you did what it’s to live with people who share blood? asked Liberty. You’re our sacrifice that we want said Barbara.

Charlotte looked at the place. So here we’re going to live with our bloods said Chelsea. Charlotte was going with Chelsea looking at the people. It are 10 people said Charlotte. Then we know what to do said Chelsea.

You know that I like you said Charlotte. Yes, I know said Chelsea. But now we have to kill them said Chelsea. The people walked in to the bar. Could we have some wine please? asked the man. What’s your name? asked Charlotte.

Andrew Frando and I’m the leader of this group. Chelsea taked some knifes and threw them to the people. They are dead said Charlotte. Erica, you have to buried them said Charlotte. OK said Erica.

Barrow looked at the girls. Dead said Liberty. Barrow felt with his head back. He’s dead said Charlotte. Barrow was lying on a table. Give him the potion said Donna. Liberty was taken the potion and let him drinking the potion.

That’s a dead potion said Donna. Give us the One-Blood, Pickelleton-Blood, Double-Key-Blood, Simple-Blood, Special-Blood, Little-Blood, Great-Blood and Double-Blood. Make him immortal said The Bloods.

An unknown power came out the youth. We have done it said Charlotte. What happened? asked Barrow. You’re immortal said Chelsea. If you’re not die, all the people survived who have your blood, also known as our blood said Erica. That means that we will survive always said Donna.