It was a very cold night and a lot of strangers came in a youth. Give on beer and some wine said the mysterious voice. For my friends to said the voice. But sir, could you say what beer? asked the barman.

Eldorit Scavish beer, from 1793 said the voice. The barman was taking the beer to the group. Something else for the group? asked the barman. Give me a pen said the voice. Here is a pen said the barman.

The barman walked back. And what for you? asked the barman. Mr Warlock, could I have ice said the woman. Yes, Barbara Smatthouse said Mr. Warlock. Mr. Warlock was walking to his storage.

Barbara was taking her gun. Mr. Warlock came back. Barbara, where are you? asked Mr. Warlock. Sorry Barrow Warlock, but this is today your death. Not on my birthday said Barrow.

Yes, we will taken over this place said Barbara. It’s not smart that you’re alone. All this witnesses. You’re going to jail said Barrow. Do you really think that I’m so stupid? asked Barbara. Why this day, why on 15 May 1645? asked Barrow. Because it’s your destiny. Your living in Sydney for ages and now you’re going to kill me on my 60th birthday? asked Barrow.

Let see your faces said Barrow. There we 3 people who let see there faces: Liberty Cormett, Chelsea King and Christiana LaPorta. But that were masks said Barrow. You Liberty used always the name: Jason Simple. And you Chelsea used always the name: Karl Extreme. You Christiana used always the name: Miles Double. And I used the name: Daniel One said Barbara.

But there are few other people who you have to met before you die said Barbara. This is Charlotte Pickelleton, and Erica Puttle,Donna Tiger and Cameron Nighton. We all taked a different identity to get your trust.

Barbara tied Barrow on a chair. But what if there people coming? asked Barrow. We kill them said Barbara.

Liberty walked to Barbara. Good job sweetheart said Liberty. Liberty and Barbara were kissing each other. I love you said Liberty.

Now it’s time for the next step said Christiana. We’re going to make here own home. The caves was 2 years ago, it’s time for something news said Christiana. What are you going to do with me? asked Barrow. Put him in his storage, there are people coming said Erica.