Jennifer was at the beach with Jessica and Ashley. It’s hot here said Ashley who looked at Jennifer. You’re so beautiful said Jessica.

Eric looked at the other site. Where are you watching at Mr. Glass said a guard. Nothing said Eric. And I have to believe that? asked the guard. There’s no escape my friend said the female guard at the Gigilon Prison.

Jennifer was looking at both Jessica and Ashley. You’re both so hot said Jennifer. Thanks said Jessica. Ashley was sleeping.

Hello guys, or would I said ten guys, I am Victoria Wetson and I’m taking over James Hanso’s job. Now you couldn’t escape, only if our guards make your cell open said Victoria. There will be a chain off your cell.

What now Bob? asked Eric. It’s all Oceanic Flight 815’s fault. If Flight 815 never crashed, this would never happened said Bob. Somebody has to stop this misery said Bob.

Victoria was back. Like I said before. You got chains before your cell said Victoria. And the only thing that I want is money, love and someone who can make the pipe said Victoria.

I could doing that said Eric. Oh sure you can said Victoria. And what if you doing it, what get I back? asked Victoria. Love said Eric. From who? asked Victoria. From…. said Eric. From who? asked Victoria. From Diane Rumble, my grandmother said Eric. OK, I have never done it with someone’s grandmother said Victoria. I wanna doing it first with her, then you could help with the pipe, tomorrow, but she comes today here. That’s 2 days with her said Victoria.

Jessica and Jennifer were kissing each other mostly, but Ashley woke up. That was a good sleep said Ashley.

Francisca looked at the prison. I hope that there is here a hatch said Francisca. Francisca knocked on the ground and found a hatch that she opened. Francisca was walking inside. Hello said a voice. I’m Tilly Darkin and you have nothing to be worry about said Tilly.

There was a woman coming out the shadow. I’m Tara Cardin, and we have from our 15-years-old a relation, we’re now 35.

Francisca was going back and bumped into a door. It’s full off water said Francisca. Jennifer didn’t know that she’s the key role in this escape.


  • Jennifer has to be revealed as key role in the escape.