Jennifer was walking at the place where she met Jessica and Ashley. She looked and found a door. She opened the door and let the door open. She walked further and it was stopping by death way.

Bob looked at the guards. Where are you looking at? asked Sylvia. To the power above us said Bob. There is no escape Bob, you know that said Sylvia.

Eric was at the same by the electricity. I’m glad that they have rest break said Eric. Bob was looking at the wall behind his cell and found a secret hatch. Bob looked fast back. Open all the cells said Sylvia. All the cells were open. The light felt out. Oh no, what’s happening? asked Sylvia.

Eric was runnin. Jennifer was above with Jessica and Ashley. The code is 4815162342 said Ashley. But every day we change one number said Jessica.

Derek Blutt looked at the camera. That’s someone who is trying to save Bob Crash, that’s Eric Glass said Derek. Found him, right now said Derek.

Sylvia and Jennifer were alone. Do you want to kiss me? asked Sylvia. Yes, sure said Jennifer. The 2 were kissing each other. Sylvia and Jennifer were kissing and the light was on. Come we need to the ….dead prisoners said Sylvia.

Eric Glass, you’re going to prison for trying to save a prisoner said Derek. Say goodbye to your freedom said Derek.

Francisca was calling Jennifer. I have found some information about that Jessica and Ashley. They are married in the prison said Francisca. Thanks said Jennifer.

Bob was opening the Hatch again. Oh my God, there is here water said Bob. Bob was back, God bless me, I will never survive this prison.

Jennifer was by Jessica and Ashley. Jennifer, do you want to take a day with us so we know better who you are? asked Ashley. Yes, that’s good said Jennifer.