Here is a page dedicated for users to post their favorite Lost: The Journey Character Quotes! Edit

  • "Could I trust you?" (Bob to Eric right before Eric shoots on him)
  • "You have no life! Maybe you're thinking that there will be a plane crash, crazy son." (Patrick Rumble to Bob)
  • "Time to go!" (Bob after blowing up his dad's house)
  • "I am a time-travelling Jack." (The time-travelling Jack to Bob about the Jack on Oceanic Flight 815)
  • "I'm fine that you not killed me." (Jack laughing to Widmore)
  • "I couldn't doing killing her."  (Sam to Bob while he was sitting on a chair next to a table)
  • "Put him in the jail, he was supposed to kill him." (Chris Bright after finding Eric)
  • "Because I will lose money without her" (Sam to Bob on why he couldn't doing killing her)
  • "You're dead" (Eric and Jennifer)
  • "Silence!! You're now the owner of Oceanic Airlines." (Peter to Jennifer and the time-travelling Jack)
  • "You are a little bit dirty on your clothes." (Jennifer to Bob)
  • "I hope she's not shopping. Woman and clothes." (time-travelling Jack to Bob)
  • "I leave you there, so I'm safely." (time-travelling Jack just before Bob and Jennifer go to Oceanic Airlines)
  • "You have no much time do you know. Finally the bad guys winning from the good guys. Goodbye Mandy. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2..." (Brad to Mandy, with the gun for her head)
  • "There are more then 108 people in the bookshop." (Bob to Eric as they entered Macy Tiger Books)
  • "You're a creepy girl." (Cedrella to Maya, right after Maya put her knife out her pants and put it in Cedrella's body)
  • "She..was a woman who killed by a tree. She was a woman who we don't really, because she's dead." (Locke, at Cedrella's funeral)
  • "I WAS SUPOSSE IT TO DO" (non-time-travelling Jack to Locke)
  • "We're not Sherlock Holmes, Jack" (Ethan to non-time-travelling Jack on who killed Cedrella)
  • "XP Level 48 is the highest point of her." (Tracy to Bob, about Mandy)

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