Part 1Edit

Flashback: Audrey Pedrell

Welcome at Hogwarts. Today we have here our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Remus Lupin. But not only this, our Animal teacher is something doing with his last life, so here is our new teacher Rubeus Hagrid.

But I have to warning you for the Dementors. They have no harm for people who are on this school. But happiness can be found in the darkest times said Dumbledore.

Audrey was at the Gryffindor Tower. Ratti-good! said Audrey. That’s the good password said the Fat Lady. Audrey was walking upstairs.

Hello Hermione Granger smiled Audrey. Hello Audrey said Hermione. Good speech from Dumbledore said Audrey. Yes, it was, but could I tell you a secret? asked Hermione. I have a Time-Turner with this I could be at 2 places at once. Do you want to tell anyone? asked Hermione. No, I won’t tell Hermione said Audrey.

Part 2Edit

Audrey was sleeping. She wake up. I’m going to my parent, Monica Nighton said Audrey.

Audrey was back in the Muggle-world. Audre knocked on the door of The Fountain station.

Mother, are you there? asked Audrey. Tracy screamed Audrey. Mishagamablasimgomasha said a voice. Who’s there? asked Audrey. Aristo screamed Audrey. There was a lake behind the Fountain.

Audrey looked at the lake. I’m glad that I have no lessons said Audrey. Tracy came out the Fountain. Where were you? asked Audrey. I had some busy jobs to do said Tracy.

Come in said Tracy. Audrey was inside. Tracy opened a suitcase. This is Tovard Hanso, a descadent of Frank Hanso, the son of Magnus Hanso. What’s so special about him? asked Audrey.

He’s son, Alvar Hanso, he don’t know that we have his father’s death body said Tracy. So what? asked Audrey. We have to find the man who can search in the Black Rock said Tracy.

Who? asked Audrey. Cooper Smith, he will be on Oceanic Flight 815 after 11 years. So 11 years waiting? How do you want him to search for that? asked Audrey.

I got this information from Eloise Hawking said Tracy. Your grandnephew, Bob Crash will going to The Sydney Airport. There will he met Jenna LaPorta. But he will met him after Cooper is on the flight.

So Cooper Smith, has to find the Black Rock ledger? asked Audrey. That’s right said Tracy. Even if it will be his death said Tracy. But his daughter, Catherine Smith met him, so if someone who you know could met Cooper Smith the puzzle is right.

The puzzle is already right said Audrey. Where are you talking about? asked Tracy. I met Francisca Rumble, who met Bob Crash, who has met Jennifer LaPorta, who has met Catherine Smith, who met Cooper Smith said Audrey.

I don’t know that said Tracy. Good job, daughter said Tracy.