Matthew Rumble is the son of Frank Rumble (1936) and Kathleen McWitson (1907-1999). He's the husband of Monica Nighton and the father to Francisca Rumble. He has a grandson named Bob Crash.

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Family HistoryEdit

Matthew Rumble is the son of Frank Rumble (1936) and Kathleen McWitson (1907-1999). Matthew married Monica Nighton and they got a child: Francisca Rumble. He was born between 1936 and 1999, around 1950, 1951 or 1956, however he would be 4, 9 or 10 years older being then his grandson. Francisca would be born then in 1955. However it could be something to do with the timeline.

             Greg Pilius Rumble = Mrs. Puttle
             (1877 - 1901)      |(1834- 1945)
       |                        |             |                        |
  Henry Rumble = Ilona Vish    Bea Rumble   Earl Rumble = Mia Kitla    Frank Rumble = Kathleen McWitson
  (1930 - 1999) | (1925 - 2000) (1931-1931)  (1935- 1990) | (1903-1970)  (1936)      |  (1907-1999)
                |                                         |                          |                           
         Gregory Rumble = Ursula King                   Bernard Rumble           Matthew Rumble = Monica Nighton
                        |                                (1960 - 2001)                          |
                 Patrick Rumble                                                       Francisca Rumble
                        |                                                                       |
                                                Bob Crash

Normal LifeEdit

Matthew is been born as the son of Frank Rumble and Kathleen McWitson.

Meeting Monica NightonEdit

Somehow he met Monica Nighton and the 2 really loved each other.

Marrying Monica NightonEdit

Matthew married with Monica Nighton, before getting a child.

Getting a childEdit

Matthew became the father of Francisca Rumble after Monica delivered the baby.




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Frank RumbleEdit

Frank Rumble is Matthew's father. Frank is currently still alive and it's unknown where he lives. There relationship is unknown.

Kathleen McWitsonEdit

Kathleen McWitson was Matthew's mother. She died on a age of 92. It could be that she met Bob Crash in 1960 or 1971, however 1960 is the most likely.

Wife(s) and childrenEdit

Monica NightonEdit

Monica Nighton is the wife of Matthew Rumble. It's unknown of they had a good relationship. It's unknown to of she did leaving him for another man, who's the father of Audrey Pedrell of before she did meeting.

Francisca RumbleEdit

Francisca Rumble is Matthew's daughter. Francisca married a family member from the dynasty Rumble, Patrick Rumble, the son of Gregory Rumble and Ursula King. It's unknown of they ever met. There relationship is unknown. He has a grandson, Bob Crash.

The In-LawsEdit

Gregory RumbleEdit

Gregory Rumble is Matthew's nephew and the 2 were both at the marriage of there children.

Ursula KingEdit

Ursula King is Gregory Rumble's wife and the mother to Patrick Rumble. She was at the marriage of Patrick Rumble, her son and Francisca Rumble, her daughter-in-law.

Patrick RumbleEdit

Patrick Rumble is his son-in-law and second cousin once removed.


  • Matthew is one of the four characters, who's name is named after a apostle. Here is the link to the apostle: Matthew The Apostle.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

For fan theorys on these unanswered questions, see: Matthew Rumble/Theorys.

  • When was Matthew born?
  • Where met he Monica Nighton?
  • How does this fit with the timeline?
  • Is he still alive?