Mandy Crash also known as The Real Past, is the love child of Jennifer LaPorta and her father-in-law, Patrick Rumble. She's the half-sister of Bob Crash, her mother's boyfriend. She is a Simple-Blood.


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For fan theorys on these unanswered questions, see: Mandy Crash/Theorys.

  • Why did she has the same surname as her stephfather, Bob Crash?
  • What is Mandy's role in the plan from Eric Glass?
  • How did Nancy know that Mandy is a special kid?
  • How could Mandy seeing The Past, but not The Future?
  • Why has Mandy stay at the age of 10?
  • How old could Mandy being if she's older then 10?
  • How could it be that Mandy has 2 fathers, not 1 father?