This is the twenty-seventh story written in the series. It's a Jenna-centric episode.

  • Part 1

Flashback: Jenna

Are you Jenna? asked Bob. Yes, what’s the matter said Jenna. Stop the fat guy, if you see him, try not to put him in this flight. Why? asked Jenna. Bob was walking away.

Hey, hold it. Hold the door. Hold the door. Hold the door. I've got to get on this flight said Hurley. Sir, the jetway's closed said Jenna. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy in the world, let me on this plane said Hurley. Alright, one second said Jenna. Jenna was taking her phone. Hunter, this is Jenna, we've got one more... ta. This is your lucky day said Jenna.

  • -

Jenna was at the airport. Jenna was taking her phone and called Hunter. Hunter, I need to go said Jenna. Go said Hunter. Jenna was leaving the airport. Jenna was going to the church. Jenna was looking and prayed. She was leaving the church and was trying to call Jennifer. Biep biep biep was it going. Jenna was runnin to The Crash House. She saw that the door was open. She walked upstairs and saw the bleeding Jennifer. Jenna was given her some water and Jennifer was waking up. What happened? asked Jennifer. You have been attacked by someone said Jenna. Do you have a boyfriend? asked Jennifer. Yes, I have said Jenna. What is his name? asked Jennifer. Noah Chess said Jenna. And we have a child, Nadia Chess said Jennifer. What, have I a grandchild? asked Jennifer. Yes, you have said Jenna.

  • Part 2

Flashback: Jenna.

Hello with Macy Tiger. Yes, here is Jenna. Could you give Eric Glass and Bob Crash a plane? asked Macy. Yes, Oceanic Flight 305. I’m going to fix it said Jenna. Thanks said Macy.

  • -

My half-brother? asked Jennifer. Is he your half-brother? asked Jenna. Yes, he is said Jennifer. I have heard from rumours that Greg Chess has been killed said Jennifer. Peter Chess is dead to said Jenna.

That’s good said Jennifer. And Simon and Thomas, they are alive said Jenna. Yes, that’s right said Jennifer.

Flashback: Jenna

Jenna and Jennifer were in the toilet. It’s good to see you said Jenna. Yes, I love you said Jennifer. Help! Help! said someone. Jennifer and Jenna stormed out of the toilet. Bob! said Jennifer.

  • -

I’m glad that everything is alright said Jenna. I’m going to my friends said Jennifer. OK mother, I’m going to Oceanic Airlines said Jenna.

Flashback: man in a black suit with a masker

The man in a black suit with a masker was on the girl’s bathroom and saw Jenna and Jennifer. He climbed and saw the 2. Yes, I love you said Jennifer. The man was making a picture. Finally! laught the man in a black suit with a masker.