• Part 1

Flashback: Jennifer LaPorta

Welcome by The LaPorta Circus Show. Jennifer LaPorta will going to singing: Hard Boss.

  • When you’ve a hard boss,
  • You listen to the class,
  • Changing the line,
  • Everything is put in mine,
  • Look at the sea,
  • You will finally together,

  • Go down,
  • Go up,
  • Go down,
  • Listen to the song,
  • Think again,
  • Change your mind,

  • This is the Hard Boss,
  • The Hard Boss,
  • The Hard Boss,

The audience was clapping. This was Ben Hormell with The LaPorta Circus Show. Jennifer looked back. You’ve got a platinum said Ben.

Jennifer was at home. She looked outside and it was going to rain. I’m glad that I’m here said Nisha. Your father, he’s gone said Nisha. Yes, I understand that said Jennifer.

We’re going to live in Sydney said Nisha. OK, mother said Jennifer. I don’t understand why we have so much to do, but I’m giving up as singer so I can live good said Jennifer.

That’s because it’s on your blood said Nisha. I have to explain something said Nisha. What? asked Jennifer.

  • Part 2

You’re not just someone, you’re a Extreme-Blood said Nisha. You have 2 fathers, Wesley Lynolds Chess is one of the fathers. Another father, an One-Blood adoptionfather and me as mother said Nisha.

I was a salve and was working for your father said Nisha. But what had brought me here? Hope, much hope. Later I got you and that saved my life to said Nisha.

My initials are NP from Nisha Pydras. If you need going find me then said Nisha. You’re the only one who understand me said Nisha.

You had a career, you have not a boyfriend, but has enough money said Nisha. I don’t know what to say said Jennifer.

But I’m not going to Sydney. You are going to Sydney said Nisha. You’re going with Ajira Flight 415 to Los Angeles there will Oceanic Flight 305 pick you up and there is your own home said Nisha.

That’s so sweet said Jennifer. You have a whole life for you said Nisha. Go it’s your destiny said Nisha. But I don’t know anyone in Sydney, neither they don’t know who I am said Jennifer.

Jennifer was on Ajira Flight 415. Later the plan was landing. Hm, maybe is it not really boring there said Jennifer.