• Part 1

Jennifer was at Elisabeth’s home. Hello said Elisabeth. Come in said Elisabeth. Astrid is here to said Elisabeth. Go under the shower, you’re bleeding said Elisabeth.

Jennifer was under the shower and saw Astrid. Hello Jennifer said Astrid. Have we ever met before? asked Jennifer. No, we have never met, but we only heard from each other said Astrid.

Elisabeth was kissing Astrid back. I love you Astrid said Elisabeth. 2 minutes later were they out the shower. So, what is the purpose of Elisabeth Smatthouse group? asked Jennifer.

The purpose of my group is first against all men who die for there woman said Elisabeth. We’ve lost or men, so what stays? asked Elisabeth. I don’t know said Jennifer. That we women have each other said Elisabeth.

But there is 1 rule that you can broke said Elisabeth. Astrid, will you tell it? asked Elisabeth. Yes, if you come in this group then you have to marry with Elisabeth Smatthouse. If you break that rule, then you’re dead said Astrid.

Since Sam Cormett’s dead, I was staying here said Astrid. My surname is not anymore Cormett, but Smatthouse said Astrid.

We’re going to marry today said Elisabeth. Elisabeth’s friend was the witness to our secret wedding said Astrid. We have already everything said Elisabeth.

  • Part 2

Jennifer taking her wedding-dress and was putting it on. I’m nervous said Jennifer. I understand that said Astrid. When I married with Elisabeth I was nervous to, but a Angel said to me that everything will be alright said Astrid.

Astrid and Elisabeth were at the church. Today, we see Elisabeth Smatthouse and Jennifer LaPorta marrying. In the name of God, Jesus and The Holy Ghost, do you take, Jennifer Christiana LaPorta, Elisabeth Smatthouse to your wife? asked Astrid.

Jennifer was thinking. Yes, I do said Jennifer. In the name of God, Jesus and The Holy Ghost, do you take, Elisabeth Smatthouse, Jennifer Christiana LaPorta, to your wife? Asked Astrid.

Yes, I do said Elisabeth. Then you can kiss the bride said Astrid. Jennifer was kissing Elisabeth. The door opened of the church. It was Bob Crash.

What are you doing? asked Bob.

To be continued