Gregory Rumble is the husband of Ursula King and the father of Patrick Rumble. He has a daughter-in-law, Francisca Rumble and a grandson, Bob Crash. He has a great granddaughter, Mandy Crash.


Family HistoryEdit

Gregory Rumble was born as the son of Henry Rumble and Ilona Vish. He's the grandson of Greg Pilius Rumble and Mrs. Puttle. He married with Ursula King and got a son, Patrick Rumble. Patrick married a family member of the Rumbles, Francisca Rumble, the daughter of Matthew Rumble and Monica Nighton. They got a son, Bob Crash, his grandson. Bob was later father to Mandy Crash, his great-granddaughter.

              Greg Pilius Rumble = Mrs. Puttle
             (1877 - 1901)      |(1834- 1945)
       |                        |             |                        |
  Henry Rumble = Ilona Vish    Bea Rumble   Earl Rumble = Mia Kitla    Frank Rumble = Kathleen McWitson
  (1930 - 1999) | (1925 - 2000) (1931-1931)  (1935- 1990) | (1903-1970)  (1936)      |  (1907-1999)
                |                                         |                          |                           
         Gregory Rumble = Ursula King                   Bernard Rumble           Matthew Rumble = Monica Nighton
                        |                                (1960 - 2001)                          |
                 Patrick Rumble                                                       Francisca Rumble
                        |                                                                       |
                                                Bob Crash

Normal LifeEdit

Gregory Rumble is the son of Henry Rumble and Ilona Vish. When he was born is unknown.

Meeting Ursula KingEdit

Somehow he met Ursula King and was in love with her.

Marrying Ursula KingEdit

He married with Ursula King.

Getting a childEdit

Gregory Rumble was there when Ursula King delivered a son, Patrick Rumble.



Henry RumbleEdit

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Ursula KingEdit

Patrick RumbleEdit

Patrick Rumble is Gregory's son. It's unknown how they have a relationship, but he accept the marriage of him with Francisca Rumble, a family member of The Rumbles.


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