Part 1Edit

Elisabeth and Astrid wake up. Bob and Jennifer are gone said Elisabeth. Elisabeth and Astrid came out the car. We’re safe said Astrid. It was cool, that you used your transformation said Elisabeth.

Yes, that’s really cool said Astrid. Astrid and Elisabeth were looking at the car that hit them. There is a little baby said Astrid. Oh my God, that’s little Bob Crash said Elisabeth. We have to go, he created his own destiny said Elisabeth. Elisabeth and Astrid were walking out of the tunnel.

A few hours later

Harold Crash, Naomi Crash, Patrick Rumble and Francisca Rumble were at [the Crash House]]. Could we adopt him? asked Naomi. Do you want this to? asked Francisca. Yes, I want this to said Patrick.

I’m glad that we survived it, I’m glad that he not caused the incident said Patrick. Patrick and Francisca gave both Bob to Naomi and Harold Crash.

Harold and Naomi were at home. It’s time do some tests said Harold. Harold and Naomi were transported via the Others’ boat to The Island.

Harold was The Staff station with Naomi. He’s special said Naomi. He caused that incident by Hyprotetics said Naomi. What? asked Harold. This gives him intelligence so he can cause a thing in The future said Naomi.

That’s Hyprotectics said Naomi.

Part 2Edit

Naomi and Harold looked at Bob. He was supposed to be born on The Island said Harold. But Francisca gave not birth on The Island said Naomi. We need to Benjamin Linus said Naomi.

Harold and Naomi lived with there children in the Barracks with the Others. Hello said Ben. Is everything alright with little Bob? asked Ben. Yes, he’s alright said Harold.

Ben was taking Alex with him. Look Bob, this is Alex laught Ben. It’s nice to see your child said Naomi. Yes, I love Alex more then anything in the whole world. If I didn’t had Alex, I wouldn’t have a life said Ben.

And what happened in The Staff? asked Ben. Bob can see The Future said Naomi. Oh, and how can he seeing The Future? asked Ben. Because of his Hyprotectics said Naomi. Hypo what? asked Ben.

Because of that can he seeing The Future said Harold. Ben walked away with Alex. I think he don’t wanna know his future laught Naomi.

Harold and Naomi were a few years living with The Others. It’s time to go said Naomi. You was supposed to be born on The Island said Harold. Harold and Naomi and there 5 children were in the Submarine.

It’s time to have a new life Bob said Harold. This is the beginning of the end said Naomi.