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Bernard Nadler is one of the Tail-section survivors. He is married to Rose Nadler, his wife who is on the other side of The Island. Together with the tailies he found The Arrow, a DHARMA - bunker.


Meeting Rose NadlerEdit

Somehow Bernard met Rose and the got a good relation.

Marrying Rose NadlerEdit

At some point he married Rose Nadler, wich is now unknown.

On The IslandEdit

Using The ArrowEdit

At some point were the Tail-section survivors using the Arrow. Bernard and Cindy Chandler were there to, argueing about there husband and wife. Bernard said that Rose Nadler still is alive, but Cindy didn't believed this and said that her husband, Gary Troup is dead.

Going To The Middle-section campEdit

After founding out that Michael, Jin and Sawyer were good people, the group was lead by Ana Lucia Cortez. Bernard was going along with Eko, Elizabeth 'Libby' Smith, Ana Lucia Cortez, Michael Dawson, Jin-Soo Kwon and James 'Sawyer' Ford to the Middle-section camp. After Michael was gone, the group felt in 2 parts. Later when the group was reunited, Sawyer felt on the ground. Michael asked of Eko and Bernard would make something to carry Sawyer to the Middle-section camp.