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Benjamin Linus is a long inhabant from The Island. He seems to know much about.


Family HistoryEdit

Benjamin Linus is probaly the father of Alexandra Rousseau.

Normal LifeEdit

Nothing is known from his normal life.

On The IslandEdit


With Sam Cormett on Hydra IslandEdit


Ben talking with Sam Cormett on the Hydra Island.

Ben met Sam Cormett in 2003 on the Hydra Island. While talking with each other, Ben planned to bring Astrid Cormett and Conrad Cormett to the Island. Sam did know about Alexandra Rousseau, Ben's daughter. Sam agreed, however Sam got off the Island with something unknown.


Meeting Henry GaleEdit


Ben talking with Henry Gale at Henry Gale's balloon.

When Henry Gale came to The Island, Ben was already for it. Ben asked some things to Henry Gale and Henry Gale was writing it in his notebook. After this Ben killed Henry Gale directly for unknown reasons.

Meeting Conrad CormettEdit

2x23 HelloAgain

Ben at the Pala Ferry along with Conrad Cormett.

1 year later, when Sam Cormett was from the Island. Ben met Conrad Cormett on the Pala Ferry where he was taking of a Other's boat. Conrad got off the Island, unknown what Ben was doing after this.

Search In The Black RockEdit


Ben and Alex at the Black Rock.

Ben was coming together with his daughter, Alex. While been there he talked to Mikhail Bakunin, who was at that moment in The Flame. Ben talked briefly with him about Cooper Smith's file. Later when Alex was sleeping, Ben made contact with Bonnie and Greta, who were at that moment in The Looking Glass. Ben said that they had to had to jamming all the communications. They did this for Ben. When Ben was sleeping, Cooper Smith felt over him. Ben woke up and asked for the Black Rock ledger, what Cooper didn't had. When Ben heard a something it was Danielle Rousseau. Cooper taked Alex behind the Black Rock. After this, Cooper Smith made it safely to the survivors camp. It's unknown what happened to Ben and Alex after this.



Wife(s) and ChildrenEdit

Alexandra RousseauEdit

Alexandra Rousseau is Ben's daughter. The 2 have a special relationship. Ben is for some reason protecting his daughter. When Danielle Rousseau came, he said to Cooper Smith that he has brought the sleeping Alex behind the Black Rock.


Sam CormettEdit

180px-Lauritzen businessman2

Sam Cormett

Ben somehow knew Sam Cormett and had a deal on the Hydra Island. Ben said to Sam that he did need Conrad Cormett dead body. Astrid Cormett was supposed to go with Oceanic Flight 815, however by a mistake, she couldn't be put on the flight, what was planned by Elisabeth Smatthouse.

Conrad CormettEdit


Conrad Cormett

After Conrad's dead, his body was put on Oceanic Flight 815. But Astrid Cormett couldn't be put on Oceanic Flight 815. Conrad woke up in the water by the tail-section survivors. Ana Lucia Cortez, Elizabeth 'Libby' Smith and Eko discovered his body, but Conrad Cormett was runnin to the Pala Ferry. Conrad made it from the Island with Ben's help.


Henry GaleEdit

Ben met Henry Gale in 2004. Ben talked to him, but killed for unknown reasons.

Danielle RousseauEdit

3x21 danielle promotional

Danielle Rousseau

Ben somehow knew Danielle Rousseau when they met at the Black Rock. For some reason, Alexandra Rousseau couldn't be seen by Danielle. After their meeting at the Black Rock, Danielle left Ben behind with Cooper Smith and Alexandra Rousseau.

Cooper SmithEdit

Ben met Cooper Smith at the Black Rock. Ben was trying to kill Cooper, but when Danielle Rousseau came he hide himself with Alexandra Rousseau. This exactly saved his life.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit