Bartholomues 'Bart' LaBour was a prisoner at the Gigilon Prison. After much time speniding at the prison, he hanged himself to dead.



Bart worked in handle and was supposed to see money. Because of this, he was never captured. Bart want 5 million from the man who worked with LaBour. But Emily Price found him and this made him to go to the prison.

Years laterEdit

Bart was years at the Gigilon Prison and was very important in the prison. Bart was the leader of the prisoners.

Meeting Bob CrashEdit

After Bob was in prison, he met Bartholomeus. Barthomomeus said there was no escape. Somehow he tried 10 times to escape, but he all time disocvered by the lesbian Security Guard. He was mostly killed there by the girls. Somehow did to know of Naomi Crash and that she's a descent of the Rumble family.


After Bob tried to escape, he hanged himself. This cost him to die.