The group was going further. When are we there said Cindy. Not yet said Sawyer. Are you gay? asked Ana Lucia. No, definitely not said Sawyer to Ana Lucia. The group was reuntined with Michael, Jin and Eko.

We need to go said Eko. The group was walking again. We’re there mostly, I think said Sawyer. Sawyer felt on the ground. Eko and Bernard do you want to make something for Sawyer, so we could care him? asked Michael.

Flashback:Cindy Chandler

Jenna was sitting at the table and looked to Cindy. Cindy looked back. Where are you looking at? asked Cindy. Jenna didn’t react. Cindy called Sam Cormett. There’s someone looking for us said Cindy. Jenna was walking on the stairs.

The security was runnin. She has something. Cindy followed Sam. We have a terrorist said Sam. Break all the airplanes said Sam. Jenna was going into a red room. What is happening here? asked Sam. I don’t know said Cindy.

Sam was in the red room. Jenna was already gone. This is annoying me said Sam. Jenna stopped. Why are you following me? asked Jenna. I have called the police. You’re sick said Sam. Do you really think that the police is going to arrested me? asked Sam.

Hello I’m captain Chris Bright and you’re to prison for 2 years. I have heard what you’ve been doing said Chris. Following someone, using drugs said Chris. Where are you talking about? asked Sam. We found 10 kilo drugs in your apartment said Chris. That is going to be 2 year in prison.

  • -

The group was walking further. Someone was walking in the jungle. Ana Lucia shot. What was that? asked Michael. Ana Lucia and Sayid were looking at each other.

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