Flashback: Bernard Nadler (1 day ago)

Bernard looked at Cindy. What if there is my wife there at there camp said Bernard. Maybe they are lying said Cindy. Do you have a husband? asked Bernard. Yes, he’s on the plane to, but he wasn’t here said Cindy. Your wife is dead, just as my husband, Gary Troup said Cindy. Somebody knocked on the door. Bernard opened the door. It were Sawyer, Jin and Michael with Ana Lucia, Eko and Libby.

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We go to there camp and see what we could doing there said Ana Lucia. OK, Ana, but it’s along trip. I’m glad that we found this hatch said Cindy. I lost my husband Ana Lucia, what did you loose, no one. You have a new life with you said Cindy. You’re right, we’re going to their camp.

Ana Lucia, Eko, Libby, Bernard, Cindy, Jin, Michael and Sawyer came out the Arrow. We’re going to your camp said Ana Lucia. Ana Lucia’s group was walking.

Flashback: Cindy Chandler

Cindy Chandler was at the airport. Hello, please your attention. Mr. Cormett want to talk to you, all the people on the airport. Sam Cormett was walking to his microphone. Hello guys, your attention please. Today is there has been made a new plane, Oceanic Flight 815. Oceanic Flight 815 will have the best things for humans. Oceanic will have a new thing that will change the world directly.

The World will live forever. Death means nothing. If you’re death, you can change everything. Death is a key to the world that could save anyone. Maybe you think I’m crazy, but I’m trying to change the World.

Jenna LaPorta go, you now what to do said Cindy.

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Cindy was going with the group further. Michael is gone said Libby. Where is he going to? asked Ana Lucia. To his kid said Libby. I’m going with Jin said Eko. Maybe we will found him, LIVING or DEAD said Eko.